Technology – e-paper displays

e-paper displays

Traditional LCD displays are often limited by a cumbersome installation procedure and the need for wall power.
The battery operated animated e-paper displays from Motion Display can be easily attached practically anywhere.

  • Paper-like and as easily mounted as traditional signage
  • Customizable in terms of animating messages, color, shape and size
  • Creates "life" into printed material
  • Extremely energy efficient with a lifetime of 12 months animating 24/7- powered by small batteries that are easily replaced
  • Requires no cables
  • 180° viewing angle, the same as for plain paper
  • High contrast in bright surroundings.

Displays from Motion Display are based on extensive development of electronics and software as well as patent protected e-paper. The technology is revolutionary and designed to optimize attention.

The displays are powered by dependable coin cell batteries that are easily replaced. The battery lifetime is 12 months when the displays are animating 24/7. Alternatively a display can be set to run in night sleep mode which extends the battery lifetime to 20 months. In night sleep mode the display is showing a static message 8 hours during nighttime to save battery.

A display consists of a black and white e-paper display with a color print on top. The black and white e-paper display is made of electronic ink and an underlying layer with defined parts (segments) that can be individually controlled to switch from black to white, and vice versa, thus create the flashing animation sequences.

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